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Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures To Treat Dark Circles Hollows And Bags Under Eyes

Dark circles, under-eye hollows and eye bags are extremely common but hard-to-treat problems in the aging face. This can be a tricky area that often gets ignored by medical aesthetic professionals due to lack of confidence and the belief that there are only surgical options to correct the problem. I offer a non-surgical solution featuring laser resurfacing, BOTOX COSMETIC® and dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® at my Calgary-area med spa locations.

The ReNue Approach

It has taken me more than 16 years to understand how this area can be treated using the 3 pillars of cosmetic rejuvenation:

  • Treating lines and wrinkles with BOTOX
  • Filling, lifting, and tightening with JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®
  • Thickening and tightening the skin with TRL resurfacing lasers

Step 1: BOTOX

Most under-eye areas can be helped with a touch of BOTOX to reduce some of the squinting motion around the eye. This wrinkle reducing treatment works by relaxing specific muscles to stop repeated contractions that form lines over time. This restores a more youthful, smooth appearance to the eye area through a series of quick, precise injections.

Step 2: Dermal Fillers

The biggest impact in treating the under-eye is through the strategic use of dermal fillers, specifically JUVÉDERM VOLUMA. By treating the lateral cheek area and the mid-cheek area directly below the eye, we can achieve dramatic improvement in the under-eye area. Sometimes small amounts of filler need to be injected directly in the under-eye hollows to complete the correction.

Step 3: Laser Treatments

Finally, the skin often needs to be thickened and tightened with a resurfacing laser. We often use Sciton® JOULE™ device to stimulate natural collagen production, causing a rejuvenation effect. When combined with injectable treatments, this completes a refreshed, renewed look around the eyes. Learn more about what you should know before booking a laser treatment in this blog post.

Treating the aging under-eye can be one of the most satisfying non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It has taken years to master how we approach the area at ReNue. Now, we’re able to help men and women look young and rested without requiring them to undergo surgery.

Your Treatment Plan

A major benefit of this approach is that it can be customized and tweaked to address each person’s unique concerns. Whether you’re looking primarily for wrinkle reduction, added volume in hollows, or an even combination, our experienced team will design a personalized treatment plan based on your needs.

The first step is to visit one of our clinics for an in-person consultation. To learn more about under-eye treatments using BOTOX and dermal fillers at our Calgary-area clinics, please contact us online or call (403) 454-1244 to request a consultation.


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