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Want To Look Less Saggy

Want to Look Less Saggy?

The whole ReNue injector team was in Toronto this past week learning from one of the masters of medical aesthetics from Brazil, Dr. Mauricio De Maio. If there is such a thing as a guru in the medical aesthetics world, he is one.  The training reminded me of the topic of volume loss in the face and how much we have changed our approach to how the face ages over the last few years.

Jowels, sagginess, heavy face, and drooping are all terms that many patients over the age of 50 start to connect with.  They are not nice terms but they are reality. Typically plastic surgeons have been asked to manage this for patients through nipping, tucking and sucking. It is now the territory of non-surgical aesthetic practices such as ReNue.

The goal is to reverse many of the causes of aging. It has only a little to do with lines and wrinkles of expression; that is more Botox territory. Here is what happens, especially after menopause in females and as men get over the age of 50.  We slowly lose a lot of things in our face that create a lifted, full look.  We lose bone thickness through the loss of calcium. We lose fat in our face or it falls south into places we don’t want it.  We lose muscle mass in our bodies including our face, and we lose thickness and elasticity in our skin through the loss of collagen.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to prevent this unlike many other things that we can do for our skin.  You have to hope you have great genetics and bone structure to delay the effects of volume loss in your face.

The main treatment that we use to treat volume loss in the face are dermal fillers.  JUVÉDERM® is the most famous and is what we use the most, but there are many others. It is not easy to learn how to inject dermal fillers naturally and safely to correct heaviness or sagginess in the face.  In fact, we always use the term less saggy or less heavy to emphasize the point that it cannot always be perfected. When done correctly, JUVÉDERM® is one of the most satisfying treatments to the face for sagginess and is my favourite treatment to offer patients.  It lasts a long time and improving sagginess simply can’t be achieved with lasers or Botox.

So, if you want to look less saggy, less heavy, younger and more feminine, then dermal fillers are a definite need for you.  Make sure you see an expert and spend the time on a complete consult so that expectations are clear and you get the result you deserve.


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