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Deep Skin Hydration A New Concept In Anti Aging

There are many new products that come and go in the anti-aging world, but one new product has really resonated with me. A plastic surgeon from Instanbul presented results from his experience with a new injectable product called Juvéderm Volite at a recent conference in Toronto that I attended.  Volite can help to reverse the skin dehydration process and create firmer, plumper and healthier looking skin.

It has come to be understood that a significant part of the skin’s aging process is its inability to retain moisture.  There are 3 key players in keeping our skin looking more youthful:

  1. Collagen helps to keep skin thick.
  2. Elastin helps to keep skin elastic.
  3. Hyaluronic acid helps keep skin well hydrated.

Since our skin is made up of mostly water, it is then clear why the gradual loss of hyaluronic acid is a very key piece to the aging puzzle. Rehydrating the skin helps improve skin quality and reverse the signs of aging. Interestingly, rehydrating the skin also reduces redness and sun spots, though the mechanisms of why this occurs are not yet evident.

Until now we haven’t really had a good way of trying to rehydrate the skin at its deepest levels.  Skin products that we rub on the skin mostly sit on top.  Creams and serums can only penetrate a few microns into the skin which leaves 90% of the skin unreachable. Volite works in the deep layers of the skin to rehydrate and improve its appearance.

I think the best example of visible aging due to poor skin hydration is found in outdoor athletes.  Sure, they get exposure to the sun and don’t often have a lot of fat on their faces, but hydration is an issue.  They are exposed to the cold and the wind and sweat away a lot of water.  It shows over the years as thin, crepey skin with visible lines.

I think aging athletes may be some of the best candidates for rehydrating the skin to reduce the signs of aging.

Volite is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable treatment designed to improve skin’s smoothness, elasticity and hydration to help reverse the signs of aging on the face, neck, chest and hands. It is specifically designed to improve skin quality and appearance. Volite can be used in combination with other dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of your face, neck and chest.

Volite works by getting deposited via multiple small needle injections just underneath the deepest skin layer in a grid-like pattern across the face and neck.  Then, over the ensuing days and weeks, it attracts water. This works to create healthier skin. The results of a single treatment with Volite last up to 9 months. There is virtually no recovery time after treatment other than a few small pinpoint bruises and minor redness.

Volite does not add volume to the face like other filling agents, so there are no worries about an unnatural or overdone look.  The skin just looks healthier and thicker with fewer wrinkles and less discoloration.

Come in for a consult or at least send us your picture and we can tell you if you are the right candidate for this novel and exciting new treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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