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Introducing The Renue Vampire Lift And Renue Plasma Therapy

I have written about plasma therapy before but we are at the brink of it becoming known to the masses and so I thought it needed to be revisited in a new way.

This story goes back a-ways.  ReNue was the first to bring plasma therapy technology to Calgary back in 2012.  We had a big press conference; local radio and the local papers were there, and a bunch of PR was done.  And guess what?

It was all a big flop………

I remember being so excited and then 3 months down the road being so disappointed that the phones were not ringing off the hook.  How could anybody not be interested in this technology that was going to revolutionize the industry?

I honestly don’t feel the reporters treated the information fairly or did their research (you can still look it up in the news archives) but that was our fault, not theirs. I think they thought it was snake oil because it was so new.  We also made the mistake of doing a full rejuvenation on our presentation patient which included Botox, Juvéderm and plasma therapy.  It clouded what improved the overall look of our patient.  We knew that plasma therapy worked but it made everything less convincing.

Lessons learned……

Now, we are over five years later, and I just attended a major conference that was almost all about plasma therapy and what it can do.  What has helped bring plasma therapy legitimacy to the medical aesthetic world are all the “mainstream” medical uses for plasma therapy.  Your primary care physician can now order a plasma therapy injection for your arthritic knee or shoulder, surgeons are using it to improve healing or you can be sent to a gynecologist for sexual dysfunction or vaginal atrophy which can be helped with plasma therapy.  It is much like how BOTOX® Cosmetic began with many skeptics questioning its safety and efficacy.  Now, BOTOX is fully mainstream and used on everything from babies to bladders and few question it anymore.

The same thing is happening to plasma therapy.  It is effective. The best treatment protocols are becoming understood and we are achieving some amazing hair rejuvenation and facial aesthetic results.  We at ReNue have been getting great results for over five years but nobody believed us. The growth factors in plasma therapy have been isolated and it is now understood how they are leading to rejuvenation of tissue.  It is not smoke and mirrors and there is legitimate science to back it up.

Here is the exciting thing.  We are now combining plasma therapy with Juvéderm and injecting it at the same time.  We are again leading the aesthetic industry for plasma therapy in Calgary in providing this treatment which is extend the effectiveness of Juvéderm and rejuvenate the skin at the same time.  We are excited and predicting this to be our leading treatment for 2018 and 2019.

I have never understood the term “Vampire Facelift,” but this is in my mind what it really means; the ability to lift (Juvéderm) and rejuvenate (plasma therapy) the skin at the same time, beyond what plasma therapy and Juvéderm are able to do on their own. We are calling it the ReNue Vampire Lift.

For those looking for a “lighter” plasma therapyexperience, we also offer ReNue plasma therapy Facials which use Dermapen micro-needling and a plasma therapy mask. Our ReNue plasma therapy Facials have almost no recovery time and provide help for those people who want to improve texture, tone and thickness to their skin but don’t yet have a lot of volume loss in their face yet. This also a great treatment for the neck (see recent blog).  It is also great for all skin types, including darker skin, with no risk of pigmentation like we can face with lasers.

Please ask for these procedures by name as we enter a new generation of facial aesthetic treatments. And guess what?  We happen to be your local and experienced experts.

To schedule your ReNue Vampire Lift or ReNue plasma therapy Facial appointment, contact my practice today.


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