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Laser Facial Treatments With Minimal Downtime

We were jammed with people trying to visit ReNue for deeper laser treatments before Christmas so that they could recover over the holidays.  It is not what I would want for Christmas but to each their own.  They will all get amazing results but on the ongoing theme of low or now downtime procedures I think laser treatments sometimes get a bad rap for causing unacceptable downtime.  We can now achieve gradual but definite improvement in many skin common skin conditions such as excessive redness, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles and skin laxity without a lot of recovery time.  When it comes to recovery, more downtime is needed for faster and better results.

I can’t lie.  I love the transformative deep resurfacing that we do in our Downtown Calgary ReNue clinic.  It is amazing what we can achieve in rejuvenating badly damaged skin or the prematurely aging complexion with deep lines and wrinkles.  Some results even compare to surgical eye and neck lifts but it is not always practical to take a week or ten days off of work so lets go through some other great options.

If you have minimal recovery time here are some suggestions that will make a big difference over time:

  1. Microlaser Peels (MLP’s).  This laser treatment using our Joule platform exfoliates the skin to a depth slightly greater than chemical peels.  It causes redness for 2 to 3 days depending on the depth and is great for a weekend recovery.  It helps fine lines and complexion imperfections and can be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks until desired results are achieved.  It can be performed on most skin colours.
  2. Laser Facials.  This combination treatment uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and short pulses of laser light to pick up redness and brown imperfections on the skin and if repeated regularly can be transformative in the way it can prevent aging.  It is currently our most popular laser treatment for the face.  It can be performed on most skin colours.
  3. Forever Young BBL’s.  This is an advanced version of an Intense Pulse Light treatment that is trademarked by Sciton.  Multiple treatments over years have been shown to prevent aging of the skin.  People often ask me about my skin.  This is what I do as regularly as I can.  It can be performed on most skin types.
  4. Profractional XC resurfacing.  We perform many light versions of this treatment so patients can recover over the weekend and be ready to go by Monday with a bit of redness.  We love it for active acne and acne scarring.  It helps create a more even complexion and can be performed on all skin types safely.
  5. SkinTyte.  This uses infrared technology to heat the skin and build collagen.  As the name implies, it is designed for minor skin tightening around the face and jowl areas.  We are very careful to point out that significant heaviness to the lower face cannot be helped by this treatment.  Unfortunately you have to see your friendly neighbourhood surgeon to help with that issue.  We also find that it helps the tone and texture of the skin and it can be used in all colours of skin.  You need multiple treatments to achieve a good result.  We often combine it with our Forever Young BBL’s.


I hope that helps you to navigate some of the low downtime laser procedures that are available.  There are many more out there but I haven’t been convinced that they are better or more predictable in their benefits.  The key is having a proper consultation and having patience to allow for the benefits of the laser to work.



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