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The Re Consult

In a follow up to my last blog, I wanted to discuss the second most important factor for getting a great result with your skin care regimen.  It is what we call the re-consult.  The re-consult is something that we try to schedule yearly to review our treatments, review the results and make sure we remain on track.  The analogy would be going in for an annual check-up with your doctor and then never having a complete check-up done again.  You want to be preventative and not wait for illness to happen.  It is not that different in the medical aesthetic world.

Here is the rationale.  I have been practicing medical aesthetics for almost 20 years now and you start to notice patterns.  One of the patterns that our whole team sees is that once someone starts a treatment that they are happy with and get into a rhythm, too often the treatment continues without reassessment.  This is quite common with BOTOX® Cosmetic.  Things change, time goes by and our skin changes. Those changes should be addressed for prevention and best results.  Or, we had some goals and plans that didn’t get initiated at the original consult and the re-consult gives us chance to reflect on things and make changes.  Maybe new technology has come around that now allows us to address and issue.  An example would be addressing someone’s double chin with Belkyra® or CoolSculpting®.

Why a Re-Consult Matters

From a general medical perspective, it is important for us to review your medical status at least yearly and make sure that nothing has changed.  It is actually important to review this during each visit to ReNue, but sometimes in a quick visit this gets overlooked.

As a gentle reminder, when asked if there are any updates we need to be aware of, please bring up any changes in your medical history to front reception or your treatment provider. We are not trying to be snoopy; it is important to make sure the treatments are performed as safely as possible.

What To Expect At the Re-Consult

First, we will review your medical history.  Second, we will review the initial consult.  Then, we will review the treatments you have had through the years, their effectiveness and your level of satisfaction.  Finally, a new plan will be generated based on the same wholistic approach we applied during your initial consult. Your current needs and goals will be assessed, new technology and treatment options will be reviewed, and a new action plan will be developed.

Stay tuned…We are working on new practice management technology to help us track your treatment details better. I apologize if it feels we are bugging you to spend a bit more time on an annual basis with us.  Hopefully the above rationale gets you excited about the re-consult and if it has been a year or so since things have been reviewed, please let reception know when you book your next appointment and we will schedule the time to review things properly.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to schedule your re-consult.


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