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The Consult

First of all, thank you to everyone who has shown interest in having the best skin of their lives and signed up for our ReNue Radiance Program (RRP).  We have had a very successful launch and we continue to feel it provides great value and improves outcomes.

The Value of the Initial Consult

Some might think that the treatment is the most important part of getting a great outcome, but it is actually the initial consult.  This is what we call the first visit when we haven’t seen you before and are getting to know each other. But it is so much more than that.  What we are trying to do is get on the same page, develop a true understanding of your concerns, prioritize those concerns and finally develop a treatment plan.  One thing that doesn’t escape us is that you are likely nervous.  You might have pre-conceived notions of what this visit might be like.  You might carry previous aesthetic experiences (positive or negative) with you into the visit.  You might feel a bit embarrassed, or even guilty for spending time and money on yourself.   Finally, you might not want anyone to know you have something “done.”  We really appreciate the courage required to take that first step.

For these reasons, the consult process cannot be rushed.  Sometimes it is pretty straightforward, but ReNue’s approach is different than many.

The ReNue Difference

Even if you come in for what seems like a small line or wrinkle, we try to be wholistic in our approach.  We are not trying to sell you something that you don’t need.  We are trying to be as informative and educational as possible. That ultimately allows us to deliver the best results.

An example might be a patient who comes in for a correction of the naso-labial folds (those lines that develop from the corners of the nose to the corners of the lips).  This fold is sometimes minor, and it is straightforward to use a bit of JUVÉDERM to make the correction, but often it is caused from sagging of the cheeks.  We can get a more natural and long-lasting result if we lift the cheeks and the naso-labial fold with dermal fillers in the cheeks.

There are many other examples of needing a multi-modal approach to get the best result.

Achieving Your Best Results

It is also important to achieve a balanced look the face.  If the upper face lines and wrinkles are controlled well with BOTOX®, the lower face can sometimes get “out of touch” with the more youthful-looking upper face.  In this case, we might suggest addressing the lower face to achieve harmony, balance and a natural improvement of the whole face.

The same can be said for developing a plan for any complexion issues during the initial consult.  You might need a separate “Complexion Consult” to get into more detail, but the point is to be preventative-minded with your skin’s complexion and decide if there is a need to start some corrective treatments.

All the beauty in the world cannot be achieved without a good complexion.  To come full circle, this was one of the main drivers for us to develop the ReNue Radiance Program.

I hope this sets some the expectations on your initial consult.  Unless you are in a rush, we won’t rush the process and we will try and be as complete as we can.  It is important and will get you better results.  Once we’ve completed a thorough consult with you, we then have a set of prioritized goals and a plan.  That is when the magic can happen.

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