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The Chin And Jawline Are Coming Of Age

A very important new concept around the aging face is becoming more mainstream.  Many of the more experienced injectors around the world and I have been working on trying to improve the jawline and chin area for years. We are really starting to make strides on how to treat this area without surgery while maintaining a natural look.

Changes in the chin and jawline are some of the first signs of aging that start to get noticed in our 40’s.  Not everyone is structurally blessed with a strong chin and jawline, and if the bony structure is not naturally strong, then this area will start to look saggy even before your 40’s in some cases.

We generally perceive a more attractive face as having a strong chin and jawline in both males and females.  The cheeks play a role here as well, but I have written previous blogs on the cheeks as the heart and soul of the beautiful and youthful face.

How to Improve Skin’s Appearance

We know that lasers and other skin tightening devices sometimes improve sagginess and improve the appearance of loose skin. They are still an important part of skin rejuvenation, but they often don’t deliver the kind of improvement that patients typically expect to combat those signs of aging.  Also, good results are more unpredictable than what is ideal.  Typically, only about 1/3 of people get a decent result with the use of lasers and skin tightening devices.

Before and after Juvéderm injections to address signs of aging in the chin and jawline. Wrinkles and jowling are reduced.

Chin and jawline injections restore a strong chin and jawline in the aging face.

 Addressing the Chin and Jawline

Dr. Jason McWhirter performs all Juvéderm injections on his patients at ReNue.

The general plan for improving the chin and jawline is lifting the cheeks appropriately and naturally and then projecting the chin forward and downward through the use of Juvéderm.

At ReNue, after we do a complete consult, we plan some sessions to slowly accomplish this result in a natural manner.  It does take a fair amount of filler to do this correctly and we plan according to the patient’s budget to get there over time. It may take two weeks, two months or six months.  Whatever it takes to get a great result.

Juvéderm is in fact coming out with a new filler to address the jawline and chin more efficiently.  Stay tuned.  I have had early access to the product, and it is a game-changer. This is a great treatment for males as well.  A strong, masculine jaw is youthful and attractive in males and we can create or re-create a strong jawline with the use of Juvéderm.


Juvéderm helps add volume to the chin and jawline, reducing the signs of aging.

Invest in Yourself

The summer is often a slower time for us at ReNue.  If you have been putting off coming in for a consult, our whole team is around. It is a great time of year to work on some self-improvement or taking that next step in seeing how we can help.  Addressing signs of aging in the jawline and chin could be a great part of some personal renewal.

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