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Make Renue Part Of Your Upcoming Special Event

Special events are so fun to plan for this time of year.  During the summer, it sometimes surprises people that we are all hands on deck and everyone at ReNue is trying our best to get everyone in and feeling great.

I really apologize if any of you have had trouble with bookings as this is a very busy time and everyone is doing our best to accommodate.  I want to openly express my appreciation for two of our staff members who came in several hours early to treat a client that we couldn’t otherwise accommodate.  They did this on their own because they knew it was the right thing to do.

Here are a couple of great stories I wanted to share.

High School Reunion

 I just saw one of my original managers, who retired quite a few years ago, come in and she was planning for her 56th high school reunion. She had lost some weight due to a recent illness that she was recovering from, but it was bad timing because all of her weight loss came from her face.  She had the right attitude.  We were able to help her look her best for her big event. She wanted to look her best and has a best friend from high school that she has a friendly competition with.  These ladies, now in their seventies, look amazing for their age, but more importantly are proud of how they age, are not afraid to tell someone how old they are and realize it is not about getting rid of every nook and cranny on the face, but more in the attitude and how they carry themselves. I always feel energized after connecting with these great spirits.

Wedding Season 

Every mom wants to look their best for their kids’ graduation, and wedding season is upon us too.  A lovely patient came in last week who claimed she had a quiet wedding season this year.  Only 8 weddings to attend compared to the 19 or so that she had attended in previous years!  She looked at it as an honor to be invited to weddings because it means that those getting married felt that she had an impact on their lives.  She takes pride in dressing and looking her best for these events which she is very proud to be invited to.  We take pride in helping her look and feel her best.

At the end of the day, it is how we help people to feel better and feel confident, but it is the often the inspiration we gain from our customers that keeps us wanting to achieve best results.

We would love to help you look your best as well. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.


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