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Key Questions To Ask Your Medical Aesthetic Injector Part 2

As you navigate the world of non-surgical procedures, it’s hard to determine who to trust to perform your injections. In this blog post series, I will address some more important questions to ask your cosmetic provider before you have a treatment.

Some key questions to ask your cosmetic provider are:

1. What are the best Filling Agents?

At ReNue, we always think in terms of optimal outcomes and not the product that is being injected.  When we think in these terms, we are always suggesting what is best of the customer.  I have mentioned before that we extensively use JUVÉDERM® and Belotero® dermal fillers exclusively.

2. Has your injector had any complications and how have they managed such an issue?

This is not designed to scare you because most complications are very minor and easily manageable, but every treating professional has had a complication or two in their career. If they haven’t ever dealt with a complication, they just don’t have enough experience.

The risk of complications should be talked about openly and honestly with your cosmetic provider and the clinic should share their protocols in case something happens.

At ReNue, we have a 24-hour emergency on-call service and strict written clinic policy that we are happy to share with our clients.

3. Are before and after pictures available from actual clients that have had BOTOX or Filling Agents injected? Can I receive a personal copy of my before and after picture in the future?

As a policy, we always take before and after pictures of our clients.  We know that people hate having their pictures taken, especially without makeup, but it is critical to evaluate our progress with treatments.

We will gladly share your photos with you if you request them. They will not be published on a public site without first obtaining written permission.

To learn more about researching your injector’s training background, check out part 1 of this blog post series.


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