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Key Questions To Ask Your Medical Aesthetic Injector

It is very confusing for the average consumer to navigate the world of cosmetic treatments.  You have to filter out what the Kardashian’s are doing this week, what the latest trend in Hollywood is and simply what is right for you amongst all the chatter.   It leads to further questions like:  How do you decide on a business that provides such services?  What credentials should the person performing aesthetic treatments have?  What products do I trust to have injected into my face?  What are some key questions to ask the treating professional?  I am going to run a series on some key questions to ask any reputable cosmetic business before you receive any treatments.

Some key questions to ask your injector are:

  1. What should be the injector’s training background?
  2. What are the best Filling Agents?
  3. Has your injector had any complications and how have they managed such an issue?
  4. Are before and after pictures available from actual clients that have had BOTOX or Filling Agents injected?


What should be the injector’s training background?

This is a rather controversial subject, so why no start here.  There is a lot of disagreement about the level of training that is required to safely and skillfully inject BOTOX® and Filling Agents.  You can ask ten different professionals and get ten different answers.  Here is my take on things and I will start with some facts.  Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists do not necessarily have any more training than other medical practitioners that have extensive experience and take his or her art seriously.  Honestly, I believe all medical professionals can be great injectors but ask what their training and background is because it is more important that the type of medical degree they hang on their wall.

Where more controversy comes  is whether other paramedical professionals should be allowed to inject BOTOX and Filling Agents.  This could range from a chiropractor to a dentist to an alternative medicine specialist.  There are guidelines and regulations that differ between provinces which makes things more confusing.  My take is that this is not the core part of their business and it is unlikely that they are highly trained or skilled at aesthetic injections.  I take being a medical aesthetic specialist very seriously and it is my core skill and business.

Ask how long your treating physician has been injecting?  It takes many years to become an expert/master injector. Don’t be afraid to ask.  There is no doubt that I am a better injector than when I started 14 years ago.  Experience counts for a lot.

Next up… the best Filling Agents.





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