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How Juvederm Can Treat The Aging Lip

So, one of the most common personal questions I get asked during my consultations are if I get lip filler.  I have naturally been blessed with good lip volume through family genetics, so the answer is no… I have never had my lips injected with filler.  That reminds me of a blog I should write about things that I do to keep my skin looking its best.  But I digress…

I wanted to be more specific on how Juvéderm VOLUMA filler can be used to improve the aging lip.  On your initial visit, we like to do full cosmetic consultations.   I often suggest a bit of filler in the lips to balance out some of the other improvements we can help with on the face.  The most common response that I get back is… “When hell freezes over, you can touch my lips.”  I used to respond with some surprise, yet this is an understandable response.   As mentioned before, I spend great effort to explain that the lips age with the rest of the face and they are important to rejuvenate as well.  Most often, it is one of the last treatment sessions that we do, because I know it takes great trust and I appreciate that.  But, it is important, and I use my magic powers to get there most of the time.  If we don’t correct the lips, at least a bit, the face can look out of balance and even unnatural.  Remember, we value normal looking people and conservative rejuvenations and so we practice what we preach.

The most common treatment for lips is to inject a filling agent like Juvéderm.  The reason it is most commonly used, is that it addresses the majority of issues of the aging lip.  Without saying, the treatment needs to be done by an expert.  I have injected many lips over the last 17 years and I am still learning how to do it better and better.  An expert does not always mean a doctor, but it does mean lots of experience, great training and the right eye for beauty.  Please ask about your injector’s experience before you have a treatment.  They should have a convincing answer that you trust.

Safely injecting Juvéderm VOLUMA helps give the lip some added volume (not beyond what you used to have, or at least close to it), but also helps to hydrate the lip, gives the lip better shape and balance, and also helps with lip lines around the lips.

Overall, the lips can be injected safely and can correct the aging lip without an abnormal lip.  Go slow, have a trusted injector with experience and enjoy the balanced look to the face that you will achieve.

Contact my practice to schedule a consultation to discuss your cosmetic needs.

There are some other ways to help the aging lip that don’t involve Juvéderm and that will be the topic of my next blog.


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