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Are All Dermal Filling Agents Created Equal

There is a lot of confusion in the World Wide Web universe about medical aesthetics and one of the more confusing subjects is dermal filling agents.  By dermal fillers, we generally mean the gel like products that get injected under the skin to plump and volumize areas of the face for a more youthful appearance. The most confusing aspect of dermal fillers is the fact that there are so many of them.  There are over 100 officially approved for use in Europe and Asia and the list is growing in North America.  Are they all of equal quality?  Are they all of equal safety?  Do they last the same length of time?  Are some better for treating some areas of the face than others?

I will start by saying that any of the statements below are my opinion based on my extensive experience injecting over the last 15 years.   Above, all, the most important point about dermal fillers is that the results depend on who is injecting it.  Training and even more importantly, experience, is key to getting a good result from any dermal filler.  I have used at least 10 different brands of dermal filler at ReNue over the years and there can be significant differences in the various brands.  They are all manufactured in different ways and I prefer to have confidence in the larger companies that have been providing high quality products for many years.

JUVEDERM® remains the most famous brand in North America by far.  It is owned by a massive company called Allergan and there is no doubt that the company is a big marketing machine.  They are the founders of BOTOX® and have been leaders in the aesthetic world for many years.  Don’t get me wrong, they back up their marketing with a very strong product.  In several trials JUVEDERM® VOLUMA™ has been proven to last longer than any other dermal filler in their class.  In my experience, nothing provides more lift and longevity than VOLUMA and I have seen results last several years when it is injected in reasonably large amounts exceeding 2 syringes.  However, JUVEDERM also tends to be one of the more expensive dermal fillers.  No other company has done more research, has higher standards and has down more marketing to educate people than Allergan and there is a price to be paid for this.  In my opinion, it is the most premium product out there and we inject a lot of it.

JUVEDERM does have a less expensive line which includes JUVEDERM ULTRA™ and JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS™.  These are also excellent products but do not last as long as VOLUMA.  They are made in a different way, which probably accounts for their differences.  They are great alternatives for someone who has a bit more of a limited budget.  JUVEDERM ULTRA was the first dermal filler that I ever injected and I still love it.

Another dermal filler I am fond of is TEOSYAL™ made by Teoxane®.  It is another high quality product made in Switzerland and is very popular in Europe and gaining popularity in Canada.  It is not as expensive as JUVEDERM filler and depending on where we are injecting the product, it can give just as good a result.  I particularly love their product called REDENSITY II™.  It is a very unique product with vitamins, amino acids and growth factors added to the filler to nourish the skin and increase collagen(thickness) in the skin as the filler naturally gets broken down by the body.  It is my favourite filler to inject around the eyes and in fine lines of the face for this reason.

There are some other good dermal fillers available but beware, because there are now some on the market at a very low price and I am skeptical of their quality control and predictability.  You often get what you pay for, like so many other things in life.  Ask your injector why they are using the product they use and make sure you are comfortable with their answer.  Finally, do your own research and insist on a high quality product.




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