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All About Chins

Call me weird, but I am fascinated by chins.  They come in all shapes and sizes, with dimples and creases and define the length of the face and how tapered it looks.  It has long been one of those neglected parts of the face in terms of non-surgical correction, but its time has come. I am declaring June “Chin Month.”  No longer will it be ignored.

Some people have strong chins that are long or wide.  In females, a longer, pointier chin is considered more feminine, whereas in men, a strong, square chin masculinizes the face.  Where I find chins interesting is in the aging face.  As we age, strong chins rule.  The more length and size of the chin, the less saggy and round the face looks.  As our face ages, our chin flattens and is pulled towards our lower lip.  Our nose then also dips a bit and it creates a crowded look around the mouth area.  Look at a female in her 80s and you will get the point. The area between the nose and chin often looks squished and compressed.

At ReNue, we create better/younger chins through a combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic and Juvéderm.  Along with elevating the cheeks, this is a great way to help with looking saggy.  First, we relax the chin muscle that pulls the chin up using BOTOX.  Then we create either a feminine or masculine lengthening and/or widening to the chin with the use of a dermal filler such as Juvéderm.  We always start with the cheeks and end with the chin for the best correction that still looks very natural.  It simply creates a more youthful look to the lower face.

So, don’t ignore your chin any longer, like the rest of you it ages too, and its time has come to be addressed properly.  It is an important part of looking balanced and fighting sagging and roundness of the face as we age.

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