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A Personal Story Of Inspiration

Every day at ReNue, I feel very privileged that I get small glimpses into our patients’ lives.  Today, I want to share a personal journey that really got my attention over the last few months.

I often feel very inspired by our patients. Thanks to them, I am reminded of the benefits of feeling more confident and empowered in one’s life.  We hope and believe that ReNue plays a role in helping our patients achieve inner and outer wellbeing.

A Patient’s Inspiration

I was introduced to a patient by one of my nurses the other day.  This patient had just moved from out east and was quite nervous about finding a new medical aesthetic home.  We often work in teams to serve patients with complex needs.  At ReNue, it is a normal occurrence for treatment providers to collaborate on treatments.  I didn’t realize this was so unique until I spent some time in other medical aesthetic clinics.

This female patient had sustained a nerve injury in her face when she was quite young.  The muscles on one side of her face were weakened and over time this created quite profound facial asymmetry.  One side of her face was flatter than the other, her cheek was lower, and her mouth was shifted to one side.  It is likely that the bones on the nerve damaged side of her face were even thinner at this point.  She had been seeing a cosmetic specialist out east and it had helped, but she still wasn’t seeing the results she hoped for.  She is a beautiful woman, but was quite emotional and self-conscious about her facial asymmetry.

After a careful facial assessment, we developed a step-by-step treatment plan to help her reach her aesthetic goals. I can honestly say that this experience has been transformative to her spirit.  Her journey is not about my team and I being able to get her face perfectly symmetrical, but the improvements we have made have allowed her to move beyond the unfortunate injury and focus on the more important things in life.  She inspires me and I wanted to celebrate her spirit.

A Few Important Points to Remember:

  • Emotional wellness can be improved by physical wellness. Whether it is getting in better shape or looking better, the two are tied together.
  • We will support you in any way possible on your journey of self-improvement.
  • How do you find your medical aesthetic home?
  • Facial asymmetry is common and can be improved with non-surgical treatments.
  • Teams perform better than individuals.
  • You inspire us.

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