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The Importance Of Research Before Scheduling Your Laser Treatment Part 2

Why choose ReNue for laser treatments?

I am pretty revved up on this topic and I wanted to continue my thoughts on things to ponder and questions to ask before you choose a laser skin rejuvenation clinic.

Here is another question to ponder:

Does the laser clinic have their own before and after photographs?

Many laser clinics use stock photographs from the laser companies and I have even seen photographs in advertisements that were not even done with the laser they’re advertising.  At ReNue, we have company brochures with some stock photos from the laser company, but we also have our own story book with laser skin treatment results on our own patients.  We also offer customer references for people that want to speak to an actual ReNue customer.  We understand that getting laser treatments is a big deal and we want to earn your trust.

Ask some hard questions around results and expectations before you schedule your laser treatment:

  • Will you still have some hair regrowth?
  • Will you still have some light sun spots, or will they completely disappear?
  • How much skin tightening can you expect?
  • What happens if you don’t get the results you are expecting?
  • Is there maintenance required and how often?
  • Will certain skin products help maintain the result?
  • What happens if you get a complication?

If there are not really convincing answers or your Spidey senses start tingling, please move on and seek out a proper consult.

Finally, the confusing question around the cost of laser treatments:

How much does a laser treatment cost?

I get asked about the prices of laser treatments a lot and it is an important question.  At ReNue we think it is important to find a balance between the price, safety and quality of your laser treatments.  Like most things in life, compromise is usually the answer.  We have competitive pricing at ReNue but are not the cheapest laser clinics in the Calgary area either.  We have the best balance of a reasonable price, great experience, physician oversight and a bunch of really good lasers from the best brands around.

One final point:  Lasers can be an important part of improving your complexion, but they do not solve everything. Their efficacy is at times overrated and/or sometimes patients don’t have the recovery time to make the treatments effective.  At ReNue, we believe that to get the best results, you need a holistic approach to most skin-related issues and that takes an experienced team approach and we have worked hard to achieve that at every location.

Happy lasering and I hope this was helpful in making your best choice for laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

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