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The Importance Of Research Before Scheduling Your Laser Treatment Part 1

Why choose ReNue for laser treatments?

We have a boatload of different lasers at all the ReNue locations which allows us to address every major skin care need.  One of the first lasers I purchased cost more than my first house.  No joke…It wasn’t a great house, but it wasn’t a dump either.  I have written blogs on many of the different lasers that we have and what they do, but I want to deviate from what lasers do and talk about how to choose a laser skin rejuvenation clinic.  In other words, why choose ReNue for laser treatments?

This is a confusing space for the customer wanting to improve their complexion, tighten their skin or remove some unwanted spots or excessive hair.  For one thing, there is a considerable amount of confusing advertising around lasers. There are ads on buses, bus benches, on the radio, in the newspapers, and also companies tracking you on the Internet to sell you their services. It is very hard to know who to trust.

Secondly, the laser industry is highly unregulated, and in Canada pretty much anyone can buy and operate a laser, put up their shingle and call themselves a “laser clinic.”  That is really scary, and it needs to change, but that is another topic for another time. At ReNue, we have certification of our laser technicians and re-certification and pride ourselves on being above industry standards in not only our safety precautions, but on our techniques to deliver the best results.

Thirdly, laser treatments have become highly competitive over the last 10 years.  This is because lasers are somewhat less expensive to own but mostly because of heavier price competition.  Competition is great for the consumer, but it also means that there are many laser skin clinics that don’t have experience or reliable and safe lasers.

When selecting a laser clinic, here is the first question to ponder:

Are there differences in the brand or quality of the lasers used for aesthetic treatments?

There are definitely better quality lasers than others and it is worthwhile to do some brand checking.  There are many poorly made lasers that are making their way into the Canadian market that are often not powerful enough to deliver the proper results, can be unsafe due to poor cooling methods or can deliver unpredictable energy pulses to the skin.  At ReNue we have the top-quality brands and have physician oversight at all the clinics.  This doesn’t mean that the physician is operating the laser, although in for some treatments it does.  What it means is that the physician understands lasers, can discuss them in a consultation and is prepared to deal with any unexpected results or complications that may occur.

When you have your laser treatment consultation, please ask some hard questions:

  • What brand of laser is being used?
    • Then you can do some online research and look at reviews.
  • Did they buy it new or second-hand?
  • What is the laser’s maintenance history?
  • Who is operating the laser?
  • How many years of experience does the technician have and how were they trained?
  • How many people have they treated?
  • Have they ever had a complication?
  • How did they handle the complication?
  • Do they have a physician on staff to consult with?
  • What is the physician’s experience?

I have a bunch more thoughts on some things to ponder and questions to ask before you choose your laser clinic, but I will keep you in suspense ‘til my next blog.  In the meantime, stay safe and hairy.

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