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The Power Of Looking And Feeling Younger

First of all, I want to thank everyone who recently attended our sales event.  It was great to see so many of our loyal customers and so many clients that we hadn’t seen for a while.  It is always a proud time for me to see all the staff working hard and connecting with our customers to make sure we are on track with their skin rejuvenation goals.  I also get a chance to spend more time just socializing which is rare in my days but I value highly.

One conversation struck out to me from a customer that has been seeing us for a few years now.  I asked her why she started trying to improve her skin youthfulness and she surprised me with the answer.  It was based on a comment from her younger daughter who asked her why she looked older than a lot of the other moms at school.  I just thought it was my kids who were un-filtered and brutally honest like about the recent beard I am sporting (Ho Ho Ho!) This was a small comment but it turns out it had a big impact.  In fact, she did have her child a bit later in life and is now into her 40’s but this comment made her feel old whereas she really didn’t feel that way before because she takes care of herself.

I can’t imagine that she is the only 40-year-old mom to feel this way, especially as the trend has been to have kids later in life.  I know a few that have been mistaken for grandmothers.  Ughh!  I see a similar trend in men who want to look good in their work place so they don’t appear tired and worn out and “over the hill.”  Again, same theme.  They feel great and for practical and self-confidence reasons they want to look good too.

Of course, the next question I had to ask her is if we are helping.  She answered with a resounding “yes, of course.”  Interestingly, it was not how we were helping her to look but how we are making her feel.  She feels younger because she is taking care of her aging skin.  It is now part of her routine.  She feels confident on the playground and keeping up with the younger moms and no more comments from her daughter.  We celebrate this kind of feedback at ReNue and it makes us proud to know we are having a positive impact on peoples well-being. We like to have one “goose-bump moment” a day and this was one I really wanted to share.

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