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Preparing For That Special Event

A lovely long-time customer of mine just completed a series of Juvéderm treatments.  Her goal was to feel the best she could for her son’s upcoming wedding.  It is common for us at ReNue to get approached for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments prior to a special event.  I can think of another client, recently, that was going to a family reunion in Eastern Europe and wanted to feel her best for the occasion.  These are stressful events.  We are all self-conscious of how we have taken care of ourselves over the years and I guess we hope we have done a bit better than everyone else.

Getting back to my customer preparing for her son’s wedding… she mentioned that a long time ago some family member had made a comment about how she looked.  She started to tear up over the memory of feeling low self-worth and more self-conscious about some features of her face that she was already bothered by.  First of all, shame on the family member for saying such things because those scars stay with us for a lifetime.  Anyone every tell you that you looked tired or packed on a couple of pounds after a holiday.  I know I’ve had it happen.  I often respect people who have weak verbal filters but not when it affects people confidence and self-esteem.  That is off-side!

So, when she approached us several months ago to help her feel her best, we set out a treatment plan that addressed her needs. Ultimately it consisted of 3 treatments sessions of Juvéderm® Voluma and some BOTOX COSMETIC®.  We had plenty of time to prepare and stagger the treatments, which helped the process to be slow and gradual and also to spread out the costs.  We started in her upper face with a focus on lift and improving tiredness under the eyes.  We then moved to the lower face to help improve the jaw line and chin strength.  Finally, we addressed the lip region and did some “fine-tuning.”  She came in for one final assessment last week and she mentioned that one of her work colleagues commented that she was looking really great and wondered if she had just come back from a holiday.  Boom!  That is when the fireworks went off in my brain.  That is what we are trying to do.  Not overdo things to the point that someone looks like they got “something done,” but create a refreshed and natural look that keeps people guessing.  She was so happy walking out the door and it was great to celebrate with her and the ReNue team.

If you are planning for that special event here are some steps:

  • Plan at least 3 months in advance so things can be slow and gradual
  • Have a budget in mind and come in early to confirm what we can do
  • Prepare to address your complexion, lines, wrinkles and volume loss if necessary
  • Plan for minor touch ups as this is not uncommon
  • Prepare to knock everyone’s socks off at the event

We look forward to sharing and celebrating your next special event. Please contact us to schedule your cosmetic consultation.


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