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Addressing Teen Acne

As summer ends and the kids get back to school, we see a lot of teenager acne consults at all of our ReNue locations.  This might sound a bit promotional, but it comes from a place of passion.

It is normal as a teenager to get the odd blemish, but when acne strikes due to genetics and changing hormones it can be quite severe.  If it becomes too bad it can lead to social embarrassment, poor self-confidence and even permanent scarring.

We offer free consultations for teens and adults suffering from mild acne to more severe cases.  The first thing to say is that it is not your teen’s fault.  No amount of face washing helps treat severe acne. It will just dry out their skin.  It is not from dirty skin.  Sometimes treating teen acne is as easy as establishing a simple skin routine with a few teen-specific skin products.  But, if the acne is worse, we need to prescribe medications to get things under control.  The prescriptions can be topical creams or gels that you apply to the face or they can be pills you need to take by mouth if the acne is more severe.  If the acne is mild, often patients want to try more natural/ non-prescription solutions like facials, silk peels or light-based therapies like lasers.  There are direct costs associated with these treatments, but they can help to avoid prescription medications in mild acne cases.

In more severe cases of teen acne, prescriptions are always warranted. It upsets me when patients with more severe acne get talked into Proactive skin products or some expensive stuff at Sephora, or Kiehl’s suggests acne can be cured with more “natural” products.  There are many others and I have heard it all.  This is very misleading to customers and quite frankly taking advantage of their vulnerable state and lack of knowledge.

Severe acne is an internal/ hormonal/ genetic issue and cannot be solved with simple skin creams. Skin products can help with some of the minor blemishes and sometimes helps marks improve faster, but it does not cure teen acne.  Eventually things settle down in most cases, but our goal is to keep skin as clear as possible until things improve and avoid scarring in the meantime.

So, please come in for a free consult with one of our skin experts and get the truth around how to improve your teen’s acne.  We don’t bite!  Usually.

There is no need for significant scarring or social embarrassment due to acne with the right advice and the right technology for your teen.

Please contact us to schedule your free consultation with a ReNue skin expert today.


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